Intuitive Readings

Blazing Eye

Divination is the art or practice that uncovers esoteric, often intangible, knowledge. At times used to foretell the possibility of future events.  

Intuitive Card Readings are one of the more desired forms of divination, as they are extremely helpful & accessible. 

What is 


The Tarot:

The Tarot is a symbolic map of consciousness that tells of our journey through life, both physically and metaphysically. Through Tarot readings, insight is provided through the cards into the innermost truth of our highest selves.

The Oracle:

The same applies to Oracle Decks, and these cards are more abstract and interpretive in their meaning.

Mystic Eye

Tarot & Oracle readings do not predict the future, however they bring to light current influences in your life that are vital in constructing your ultimate desired outcome. In essence, readings are tools to bring light to the inner wisdom that we already possess which brings our consciousness towards discernment in how we wish to create our lives.

The Benefits of Working with Intuitive Cards:

-Spiritual Guidance & Insight

-Shadow Work | Trauma Healing

-Romantic Guidance & Insight

-True Soul Purpose Discovery

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