3 Simple Ways To Celebrate the Summer Solstice!

On June 20th 2021, the Northern Hemisphere will experience our Summer Solstice, an event that marks the longest day of the year. It is on this day the Sun traverses the sky on its most northern path, and the event itself will arrive at 11:32pm EST. The word "solstice" comes from the Latin, Solstitium: Sol (sun) Stitium (to stop). The latter word makes reference to the sun appearing to stop in the sky the moment summer arrives.

For centuries people have celebrated the annual movements of the sun. The prehistoric monument, Stonehenge, located in Wiltshire, England, was built as a guide for the Solstices (Summer & Winter). During the Summer as the sun rises it shines it light directly in the heart of the monument, lighting up the structures around it into a magickal horseshoe! In Ancient Kemet (what you probably learned as Ancient Egypt...I'll make another post about this), the Summer Solstice was marked as the New Year, and during this time the Nile River height would peak and the subsequent flooding would mark an abundant harvest season. And even today there are many rituals and traditions to mark this prosperous turn of the season!

The energies of the Summer Solstice are all about healing, nourishment, patience, and trust. It is the bright and effervescent light of the Sun serves as a reminder of the bright and effervescent light that lives in each one of us. When we take the time to heal and nurture our inner worlds/wounds we then are capable of making a positive impact on the collective conscious. Just as the full Moon illuminates our shadows, so does the direct light of the Sun, thus if you are feeling overwhelmed or out of sorts takes this as a gentle nudge to address the happenings of your inner world. It is time to heal, so let the Sun work its magic on you!

Here are 3 simple rituals you can do to celebrate the Sun and harness its energies:

  1. Set Intentions: as it is always important to set a daily intention, in order to keep your mind focused on what it is that you want. The Summer Solstice provides a magickal portal to support all intention. Take some time today to set an intention for the Summer Season, whether that be to focus on healing your inner child, to trust your inner guidance system, make x amount of dollars in your business, become more present, be a better partner etc. Utilize the power of affirmations to help you bring these intentions into physical fruition!

  2. Give Gratitude: our entire reality as we know it is based on our perception of it. If we are coming from a place of gratitude we will surely find ourselves in more and more favorable conditions to be grateful for! Go outside, sit under a tree, and say allowed what it is that you are grateful for. Whether it has manifested yet or not doesn't matter. Give gratitude that it is done, and all is working in your favor. Because it all truly IS working in your favor!

  3. Sun Gaze: As the Sun is the primary source of energy on Earth, its healing properties for the human body/mind/soul/spirit are vast! At sunrise or sunset meet the Sun and stare into its healing light, in a state of meditation. Allow your thoughts to pass as you gaze and become electrified! Some benefits include: stimulation of serotonin & melatonin, regulates hormones, increase vitamin D & bone health, decrease risk for certain cancers, & more!

So no matter where you find yourself on the 20th take some time to appreciate the wonders our beautiful Sun provides this Earth, and remember its power is solely a reflection of the power that lives within you.

Blessed Be.







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