7 Things I Learned From A 7 Day Spiritual Liquid Fast!

Fasting has always been a topic of intrigue for me. How can people go without eating for days? Is that really possible? Can you still be productive? Recently, I’ve learned not only is it possible, it’s also been extremely beneficial to my physical and mental wellbeing.

For years I’ve been wanting to do a proper fast. I’ve partaken in intermittent fasting, but the calling to give up my earthly desires for a longer period of time has always appealed to me on a deeper level. Time after time I would try to abstain from food, and the farthest I’d ever gotten was 2 days. I was proud of myself, sure, but it just wasn’t long enough. Btw, I’ve got 5 planets in Capricorn so my expectations/ambitions are incredulously high!

Truthfully, in the past, the stronger part of my desire to fast came from wanting to shed some extra weight around the middle. And this is why I had never completed a fast of more than two days, the mental and spiritual intention was absent.

Everything exists in the mind.

Everything starts in the mind.

Master your mind, master your life.

Spirit speaks to us in many ways one of those being through numbers. Recently I’ve been seeing 555, or 55 all. of. the. time. Last Tuesday I decided I would begin my fast the next day at 5:55am and every day of the fast I would meditate for 15mins and 55secs rising, noon, and night, as if to answer the call from Spirit. However, I was completely unaware that the day I choose to begin fasting was on 5(May), 5th, 2021 -> 2+0+2+1=5, also known as the “5-5-5 portal”.

What’s up with all the 5s!? In numerology 5 is the number representing rapid change, free will and personal freedom. When seeing 555 the vibration is amplified.

This reassured me of the strong connection to the something Greater that exists within me, within all of us.

You see, this time around I was looking for a deeper connection to that something greater. It is said when you go to God empty, you will be filled with miracles. If you give up worldly desires for a time, there is much clarity and peace to be gained. And with clarity and peace comes the skill of mastering the mind. As a life student of the mind, and a reveler in Spirituality, gaining mastery of my mind and having an open connection to my inner being is my pre-eminent goal. More than money, more than finding “the one”, more than any earthly success, I crave to overstand and have the deepest appreciation of myself, as I know in turn all I desire will come to me. Law of Attraction at its finest.

Fasting is defined as the willful refrainment from eating and drinking. And I’d like to expand on that, as fasting is the willful refrainment from any earthly desire of your choosing.

For this particular fast here is what I decided to give up:

-solid food

-alcohol/cannabis (neither of which I had been doing anyway!)


-low vibe music


-any chemicals/preservatives.

What I did allow for myself:

-smoothies only made of fruits and veggies, no powders.


-herbal tea

-sea moss gel

-and the most important..WATER!

During this time I learned so much about myself, and the world around me. And rather than turning this into a novel, I’ve decided to share with you 7 things I learned during my 7.5 day spiritual liquid fast:

1.) Eating is more mental than physical.

The truth is you can survive without food for a couple of months, but without water you’re crossing over to the other side within a week. I would feel the hunger pangs, and I would feel them hard. As if I was going through withdrawals. Food is truly a drug, and what you cannot fast from you are a slave to. This is what I would tell myself frequently when experiencing hunger. Then I would take a gulp of water, and be fine in that next moment. As I said before, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G first exists within the mind. If you can think it you can do it, and this fast has truly shown to me the mental power I possess.

2.) Total Appreciation.

I’ve always been an advocate for smoothies, but when I was eating whenever I wanted to smoothies could only fill me but for so long. Drastically limiting my options of consumption, I started to appreciate every single sip of my smoothie..or water…or tea…or soup. Appreciating those little sips gave each moment that much more meaning for me, that much more magick!

3.) Naps are not only ok, they are encouraged.

Let me tell you, I do NOT like naps! I’ve never jived with the feeling of sleeping in the middle of the day and waking up disoriented, not knowing what time it is, feeling the need to rush through things I have to do because I felt like I wasted my day. (There goes that Capricorn again!) But this fast slowed me right down. During the first day I had to nap, I felt weak, those withdrawals were real, and all I could do was sleep. This time when I woke up I didn’t feel disoriented at all, in fact I felt refreshed like I could continue with my day at a nice, slow pace. And everything got done, at my nice and slow pace!

4.) Ask for strength and it will be given.

There were times where I just wanted to eat a French fry or let a dark chocolate chip melt in my mouth. But for me, that just wasn’t an option. So instead of writhing in mental limbo - I decided to ask for strength. I frequently said aloud, “God fill me with your strength.” As a disclaimer I’m not religious, I did grow up in the Baptist Church, but my relationship with God is very personal and my beliefs are an amalgamation of spiritual practices. Every time I asked for the strength to continue with my tasks, I received it. Never underestimate the power of asking, the Universe wants to provide you with what you need and desire, but you first must ask.

5.) Mental Clarity.

I’ve never felt more clear in my life. More sure of my direction. Before I began my fast I was planning to do a drastic move - a move I could’ve made happen, but at what cost (both mentally and monetarily). Fasting from pleasures allowed me the grace to see the bigger picture. Get out of my ego mind, and into the woman I came to this earth to be. Usually when I make my mind up about something I see it all the way through, and I love this about myself. However, I could’ve avoided quite a few hardships if I’d just allowed myself to truly listen to my inner being. The thing about your inner being is that it has all the answers. You can go to others for advice, of course, and sometimes your inner being speaks through them - if you allow yourself to listen. Not being clouded by food and chemicals my channels were clear, thus deeming me the super power of making sound decisions!

6.) The physical improvements.

I’ve had some issues with digestion throughout my 20s and into my 30s. Bloating and sometimes irregularity in toxin excretion (if ya know what I mean!) This fast seemed to clear my digestive tract! I’ve been flowing regularly, not experiencing bloating, and most importantly not feeling bogged down by food! And as an added bonus, my body looks more toned than I've seen in a while!

7.) Be more intentional with your habits.

Before this fast I would always pair my meals with TV. If I’m sitting down and watching TV...I’m eating something. This past week being free from food and TV, I now feel very differently about this relationship. Now I actually enjoy sitting in silence while I eat, enjoying every bite of my food. I rarely have the urge to turn on the TV as I’d rather work on my book, or practice guitar. This isn’t to say I’ll never watch TV while eating dinner again…I’m sure it’ll happen. I’m just more intentional about the things I used to do on auto-pilot. And it truly is making all of the difference in my self-confidence, and productivity levels.

This only begins to scratch the surface of my fasting journey. I enjoyed the experience so much I’ve decided to take 7 days out of each month to do this exact fast. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll make it to 40 days…and really watch these miracles unfold!

Until that day, I am going to celebrate this small but mighty win. I decided to do something that made me extremely uncomfortable, and through this I gained a deeper appreciation and overstanding of who I am. And for me, it just doesn’t get any better than that!

If you'd like to watch my YouTube video on fasting, click here!

Your Dear Friend,


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