A Theory on Detachment.

Freedom is a solid construct, not loosely based upon the ideals of philosophers past. Freedom is a state of being that you can achieve RIGHT now, if you will it so! If you follow any of my social media platforms, are a client past or present, or even just know me irl..you know that Freedom is my ultimate goal. The idea of actualizing complete liberation in this existence is what truly keeps me up at night more so than meeting the right guy, having a family, making my first million etc. I know that all of those “sub-desires”, are in fact direct outcomes of true freedom.

It has been in my experience to achieve true freedom is to regularly practice the art of detachment, luckily this is something I’m quite versed in! I would like to note it’s imperative that you’re careful as to not slip into the abyss when it comes to detachment, as this is something I’ve done quite often. Maintaining a balance of being here while not attaching yourself to any of it can be a slippery slope AND is completely possible. As society is continuously showing its true colors I am more and more pushed to listen to myself and leave behind the ideologies this current world has to offer.

For the past decade (plus) I have been a student of Buddhism, and the main pillar that this spiritual tradition stands upon is the concept of attachment. Moreover, how attachment leads to suffering. When I first learned this I was stunned, and utterly confused! Mainly I didn’t realize how attached I was to other people, ideas, materials, and concepts. And it became clear to me where my internal struggles of expressing my truest essence was coming from.

Detaching yourself from this world isn’t to say to not have goals or not to love. In fact, goals are extremely important - they are markers of our progress! And I believe that learning to give and receive love is a principal reason as to why we exist in this physical plane. So goals and love are important. However, when you become detached you become autonomous, and what that means is there is no longer a need for people, for ideas, for materials. When you get to a level where you don’t need anything or anyone else, when you do decide to indulge in the world it is merely because you enjoy those people. Not because you need them to fulfill you or give you a sense of security.

Attachment is a cardinal sign of insecurity. The insecurity we hold against our own potential. The more we cling to others the less responsibility we have to take for our own lives. But that’s not freedom, it’s modern day enslavement that we actively choose when we choose to attach to anything outside of ourselves. My chief aim in my business and really just as a human being on this planet is to get you to freedom. To listen to yourself so fiercely, to take such responsibility for your life and your actions, you will truly be unstoppable.

The answers live inside of you, and just as our fingerprints are unique, so are our truths. Variety is the spice of life, and you can be an essential component to the mixture. Let go of everything, to gain everything.

It’s your choice, it always has been.

More to come.



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