Conversations in the 5th Density: "Chase the Impact, Not the Bag." Episode 24 of the Podcast.

Greetings Friends!

The latest episode of the Sōl Concepts: in 5D Podcast has arrived, and today is a wonderful episode. I have a very special guest, Ken Stephens Jr. of The Blk Agenda. He is an educator, philanthropist, activist, advocate, entrepreneur and all of this before the age of 30! This is a truly inspiring episode that I think everyone will walk away from feeling extremely empowered and motivated.

On this episode we discuss, the importance of operating from your truth, a clean mindset, the most effective ways to instill change in your community, we learn about The Blk Agenda, and we get some great tips for up and coming entrepreneurs.

My hope is that you leave this episode feeling inspired to get up and spring into action!

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Stay inspired!


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