Diving Into Divination: The Fool

In continuing our Diving into Divination series, we are switching the focus to the Tarot. I'm going to move in order so you are able to see the succinct story that the Tarot is telling us. To start from the beginning, is to start with The Fool. This is the most important card of the deck, as the Fool is embarking on a quest for knowledge, he is the light in the dark. The Tarot deck is telling of the journey that the Fool embarks upon. He asks the questions and gives the answers to all of the obscurities of the Tarot. He is both the innocent child and the trickster, en tandem.

The Fool is seemingly ill-equipped for his journey, he carries a small bag over his shoulder, and it is in this bag that he will pour of the treasures in knowledge he will acquire on this noble journey. The white rose in his left palm is telling of his innocence and child-like nature, and the red feather in his hate tells of mysteries yet to be discovered. These colors are also worn by the Magician, who is the next card. White represents the purity of spirit, while red embodies the passion to achieve what is possible. The little white dog barking at his heels, is a reminder of the animalistic nature of the Fool and bears a warning of possible dangers ahead. It are these animal instincts that speak of our self-preservation, whether in fight or flight mode. So there is an understanding that the Fool will only complete his journey if he listens to his instincts.

What this means when pulling The Fool in a reading:


This is a card of new beginnings and endless possibilities within each one of us lies the Divine Fool, our childlike nature masked in ego. If you were wondering when is the right time to leap...the time is NOW! And there is no turning back. Make every choice using discernment, and treat every obstacle as a treasure for growth. When faced with adversity refer to your inner dog/intuition/animal instincts and all you desire will be actualized. Always be a student, learning everything you can about your desires, as ignorance is truly not bliss, it is foolishness. You have a long and arduous journey ahead of you equipped with everything you can ever imagine to move you into your path of ultimate ascension.


In this position The Fool is warning you to not be careless in your actions, or you will fall off of the cliff you stand upon. Use discernment when making decisions, ask yourself how will these ultimately impact you, and others. You are not alone on this journey, many around you are taking the next steps into their higher existence. We all have the choice to live in the positive and negative realms, and it is only the ignorant Fool that would choose to do the latter. The Fool is a representative of your truest form, standing on the edge of manifesting any and everything you could ever desire.

Happy Travels, ya Fool :)

Karunā ❣

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