Full Moon in Pisces! Get Your Blessings!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Sōl Tribe! If you've been feeling tapped into your intuition, AMAZING! Follow that voice, it will lead you to ultimate freedom. Moreover, maybe your inner voice (intuition) is screaming at you louder than usual?

Immediately I think of the Rick & Morty Episode when they visit another planet similar to Earth the only difference is the sun (literally) screams for the entire day..lol..but yet I digress.

If your instincts have been louder than normal, that is because this voice is being illuminated by the majestic Full Moon in Pisces. Pisces energy is all about following the intuitive self, and letting the imagination flow. Pisces is the leader in acts of service, in comparison to her astrological siblings. Pisces folks are also sensitive and very idealistic, and these are the traits of the current moon phase.

HOLD ON! Before we get too far, let's chat a bit about what does a Full Moon even mean, shall we? *rubs hands together with a maniacal laugh*

The term lunar cycle refers to the movement of the moon as it orbits the earth, and it is during its orbit that the moons appearances (aka its phases) change. Ultimately, these phases allow us to track the moons stages during the cycle, and this represents it's age.

There are 8 phases in a lunar cycle:

∆ New Moon

∆ Waxing Crescent

∆ First Quarter

∆ Waxing Gibbous

∆ Full Moon

∆ Waning Gibbous

∆ Third Quarter

∆ Waning Crescent

I plan to do an entire post(s) about the Moon in each of her phases, and so for this particular post I am going to stick to delving into all things Full Moon.

When the lunar cycle reaches its full phase, it is time to harvest the crop. The New Moon is all about sewing the seeds, and the Full Moon is when we reap the benefits.

Because the Moon is in Pisces, she begs the question, "what/who are you serving?" Are you in service of your Highest Self and in turn of others? Or serving others first in hopes to get back to your center....one day. Allow me to gently remind, it is always possible to be in the state of the former.

During the time of the Full Moon, a powerful opportunity arises. Supreme lunar energy supporting the release of anything that is keeping us away from our Highest Potential/blocking our blessings. Whatever shadows of the self we are not addressing are being illuminated by our bright moon. The time is NOW to confront those shadows, give them a hug, shower them with love and transmute them into the light needed to illuminate your Divine Path. To release is to gain. Release fear - Gain Freedom.

Here is a simple ritual you can do to assist you in releasing all that is not serving you:

Full Moon Ritual

∆ Get into a comfortable space, light your favorite candles, and smudge your space with sage and/or Palo Santo.

∆ Take 5 deep cleansing belly breaths (breathe into your nose 2,3,4 - hold 2,3,4,5 - exhale through your mouth 2,3,4,5,6,7.) Sit there for a few moments in silence, allowing your body to become relaxed and your mind to focus.

∆ Next take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down ALL things/people/circumstances that are not serving you. Some examples could be, your limiting beliefs, the subscriptions you don't ever use, the subscriptions you do use but find distracting, that one friend who places judgment on your choices, dairy, alcohol...you see where I'm going with this list!

∆ Once you have everything written down - BURN IT! That's right. You can stand over the kitchen sink, do it outside or if you feel uncomfortable with fire you can rip the piece of paper up into little shreds. The point being, you are physically destroying all of the aspects of your life that aren't adding to your joy and are ultimately blocking your blessings.

∆ While the paper burns imagine everything on that list disappearing from your life, and from the ashes rises a Phoenix who is positive, resourceful, grateful, consistent, and sets solid boundaries. And if you ripped up the paper make sure to throw it away outside as to not keep those energies in your home.

There's never a need to settle for less, my dear friends. YOU are the Divine Creatrix of your reality, so take your power back, keep those shoulders relaxed, and that head held high.

It's only difficult, until it's not. ☺

See you on the other side!

Karunā ❣

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