Introducing the Diving into Divination series!

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

So you've been creeping around my website, and noticed I offer Intuitive Reading, moreover using both Oracle and Tarot Readings.

Well, what even is an Intuitive Reading? You may be asking!

As a Spiritual Facilitator I act as a conduit between our Ancestors/Source Energy and you. Through these readings I can guide you through questions you look to be answered, how to best use your talents, and discover your Sōl purpose in this existence.

I do not use divination to predict the future as though it were absolute. This is because you have the power to create and cultivate your future, you have the power to change your path according to your own free will. What divination does is give us possible outcomes based on current influences.

Tarot & Oracle readings are effective tools when used for guidance in discernment (albeit you should not base an important decision on the turn of a card).

In this Diving into Divination series, I will be highlighting one card of my Oracle Deck, I'm currently using The Tantric Dakini deck. Or a card from my Tarot Deck, I'm currently using the Smith-Waite Centennial deck. Each post will give some insight into each card, what they mean, and how we can apply them better the course of our daily lives!

My intention for this series, is to give you a closer look into this ancient occult practice, which has added an abundance of guidance and insight into my life. In hopes that it will do the same for you! With that being said, let's get into today's card:

Today we are looking at the Oracle, one of my favorite cards to pull, Abundance.

This card bears the number 46 which signifies the fulfillment of the self in harmony with the world. This card would be classified with the suit of Cups found in the minor arcana in the Tarot deck.

The illustration is of a chalice representing the self, and is filled with golden coins signifying inner riches. Abundance is telling us to rely on the capacity of the Self to bring forth fortunate changes in your life. It can relate to material abundance or spiritual attainment, depending upon where it sits in a reading. It talks of the fulfillment of desires. This card is very much a throat chakra centered card, as the dominant color is blue - which is the color of the throat chakra. From the throat is where we speak our truth, within this chakra is the center of our creativity. Meditate on the creative chalice aka your creative nature!

The longer you "adult" the more you see how important it is to be creative, especially if you are looking to live an extraordinary life. It is up to you how fortunate your life will be. Within every single one of us lies the power to create the lives we desire, and a big part of my work is helping you tap into these energies, and use them to your benefit. Abundance us truly yours, you just have to be willing to do the inner work to access it.

If you are looking for some guidance and/or longer term success mentorship, book a reading and/or sign up for a free discovery session, I would love to see how I may assist your journey of ascension. Your abundance awaits!

Love Always,


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