New Moon in Gemini, Annular Solar Eclipse, and Tarot Tea!

Welcome one and all to this fruitful New Moon in Gemini! On the morning of June 10th this New Moon is also be accompanied by an annular solar eclipse.

What is an annular solar eclipse?

An annular solar eclipse happens when the Sun & Moon are directly in line with the Earth, however to us Earthlings the Moon appears smaller than the Sun thus creating a “ring of fire”! A truly beautiful sight to see.

What types of energies does this eclipse bring?

Energetic wise this solar eclipse brings with it bursts of energy, major initiatives and balance in emotions. Due to this balance it is a great time to get clear on your desires and move forward in your pursuit. Along with the eclipse energies, the New Moon phase is always a great time to plant the seeds of your manifestations, as the soil is most fertile at this time (both physically and metaphysically.)

New Moon in Gemini Vibes

Now let’s get into what it means for this moon phase to be in the sign of Gemini. This zodiac sign is most known for it’s intelligent nature. The Gemini is very adaptability and the king of communication. Known as the twins, most people take this sign to be “two-faced”, not to say this isn’t necessarily true, however I believe Gemini gets a pretty bad rap! The twins actually represent the human and the being, one twin being of this world and the other the ethereal plane. With this split there is a the opportunity to focus on the now and expand into the higher realms. Thus, it is important to master the mind and shift into an abundant perspective. That is to say, check the scarcity at the door and watch your thoughts! And because the ruling planet of Gemini (Mercury) is currently in retrograde, it is more important now than ever to keep that clear and level head.

Tarot Time!

King of Cups (upright)

The King of Cups is the master of his emotions. He is good at steering clear of drama, and can readily handle any curveball thrown his way. Be firm with your personal boundaries at this time, and use your intellect to make decisions. Don't allow outside circumstances to take you off of the balance that you have been working for! You have the ability to use the heart and mind for effective decision making. Look to the King of Cups as a mentor/spiritual guide.

6 of Pentacles (upright)

You have garnered abundance, whether monetarily, energetically, with time, with love and/or support. And with this new found abundance you are sharing your blessings with others. Remember any and all value you give will come back to you trine-fold! You are pouring from a filled-cup, which is the only reason you are able to give with joy and compassion. And maybe you find yourself on the receiving end of another's generosity, accept these gifts and be sure to use them in order to build yourself up so you may pay it forward one day!

Queen of Swords (upright)

The Queen of Swords represents mental clarity and intellectual power. She is a truth seek and open to all perspectives. Due to her open-mindedness and intelligence she is able to spot B.S. and regularly calls people out. She is not a fan of small talk, rather than hearing your words she likes to get to the root of your vibration, which is telling of what you're really saying. The Queen of Swords is very honest and upfront in her communication, she is usually the counselor of the friend group. If you are the Queen of Swords continue to share your openness and effrontery nature. And if you know of someone like this in your life, go to them for guidance, for theirs is mostly of an unbiased nature.

Watch your thoughts, remain in balance, pour from a filled cup, and seek unbiased advice. Things may seem a bit haywire right now, and will smooth over in due time. Enjoy the contrast!

With Love,


P.S. if you 'd like to see the corresponding YouTube video click here!


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