New Moon in Virgo!

The time is NOW to manifest...

Granted, you can manifest your desired reality at any point, however working with the phases of the moon can be very productive in bringing your desires into reality. When you work with these potent energies, your manifestations will come into fruition on a quicker timeline.

During the New Moon, soil is most fertile and moist. Which is why many farmers will plant their seeds during this time. If we imagine ourselves as a mighty tree growing from the soil that is our foundation, our system of beliefs, our core values. We can then deduce that the New Moon is prime time to plant the seeds we wish to reap and sow in our lives.

Hence, why using the energies of the New Moon to manifest makes its actualization that much more powerful! And during this very special New Moon in Virgo, we are being invited to hunker down on our goals. Virgos are goal driven, detail-oriented, perfectionists. They are the masters of making lists and crossing off their tasks. Not to mention they have superb organizational skills. These are the energies that are carried during Virgo season. So this New Moon we are called to get focused on what it is we are looking to activate in our lives, and creating sustainable action steps to get us there.

What details of your life are feeling in alignment with your purpose? Keep those! Which ones are feeling inauthentic to your experience? Toss em! With this moon phase we are being presented with an opportunity to create new beginnings, and let those beginnings reflect the life you desire (which is TOTALLY the life you deserve!)

Here are some actions you can take to help get you into manifestation mode:

-Clean your home: in order to fully step into a new beginning, we need to clear out the crap that is getting in our way. Moreover, create space for all of the beauty we are looking to fill our lives. So give your home space a deep clean today, and do so with the intention that you are creating space to call in more abundance.

-Meditate: just like we are cleaning our physical space, it is equally as important to clean our mental space. Clear the way for new thoughts/beliefs/concepts that are going to support our highest good, to serve our highest self.

-Write a list: of everything that you are calling into your life/what you would like to see manifested by the next full moon. You want to make sure that you are specific in what you're manifesting, if not written down at least in your thoughts. Here's an example from my current New Moon Manifestation list:

*Wealth in abundance

*Health in abundance

*Love in abundance

Then on a separate page I wrote: "with my wealth I pay off all of my debt, I invest in my health, I invest in my business, I invest in my friends businesses, I invest in properties, I buy my mom a house wherever she wants to live, I donate to causes that I stand with."

And then I did the same thing for Health and Love. Always ending each manifestation with "for the highest good of all involved, Blessed Be."

Because, actualizing my desires and manifestations truly is for the highest good of all. As I am upleveling my vibration, I am emitting that frequency to the rest of the world, thus creating a space for more higher vibrations to be synched. What we do for ourselves we are doing to the collective. What we do for the collective we do to ourselves. That beautiful auspicious wheel of synergy.

What are you manifesting during this New Moon phase? Leave a comment and I will put my energy toward that happening for you! We are stronger together than we are apart.

All My Love,

Karunā ❣

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