Tarot Reading for Mercury Retrograde Oct. - Nov. 2020

Remember a couple of weeks ago we had a chat about Mars being in retrograde? Well her sister planet Mercury joined her yesterday. That's right folks, Mercury is officially in retrograde until November 3rd, here's a brief recap of what it means when a planet goes into retrograde:

When this happens, from Earth's perspective, it looks like that planet is moving backwards, hence retro. However the orbit of the planet hasn't changed it just appears to do so because of the relative position of Earth and said planet, and how they are moving around the sun. This happens when a faster moving planet catches up to and passes a slower moving one. Thus, shifting the energies that the planet emits. Rendering retrogrades a complete mind f***!

So what does this mean for us when Mercury goes into retrograde? Mercury is the planet of communication & technology, so when this planet is retro these innergies go haywire. Travel plans have the tendency to blow up in your face, the way we speak to our partners and most importantly to ourselves can be strained, and technology goes caput. During the last Mercury retrograde, All 3 of my laptops (yes I have 3...I'm kind of a hoarder...it's fine) weren't operating properly AND my phone gave up on me. Seriously. It's a thing.

To add to the fun, be prepared for ex-lovers to re-enter your life. As we turn inward during this time many unresolved notions of the past tend to stir up in our conscious minds. Rendering us in dire need to fix what once was broken. I have undoubtedly been that ex to pop in a former flames life during a retrograde, and the most important lesson learned? To take everything as a lesson learned.

It is safe to say that this far into 2020 we are all used to things going bonkers, and we have become more and more resilient in how we deal with adverse circumstances. This retrograde will be no different. As long as we stay ahead of the innergies, practice self-awareness, and remain committed to our values/goals/purpose - we will be able to use this time to our full advantage.

To ensure that we stay in tune, I have conducted a Tarot reading bringing to light what may be lurking during the retrograde, and how to best leverage this major opportunity for growth.

Mercury Retrograde Innergy Reading

1st card: IX of Wands

This is the final challenge before reaching the end goal. You have endured many challenges which have honed your skills of resilience and strength; everything you need lives within you. With consistency and commitment prosperity is promised. Keep pushing, you are so close to the finish line! You are meant to the be change-maker, pay no mind to those who speak low of you. Humans often fear what they don't overstand, especially when the validity of their ego is challenged. Find your guardians and cheerleaders at this time, having loved ones who protect and encourage you is important. Get clear on what you need and communicate it, while establishing strong boundaries.

2nd card: VII Wands (reversed)

There is a burden of external pressure weighing you down, finances, career, relationships, etc. You must keep fighting, don't submit to the pressure or it will overtake you. It's important to remember that you can't please everybody, nor should you want to. As unique as our fingerprints, that is how unique the needs of others are. It's best to focus on yourself & your needs; rebuild your self-esteem & confidence, have faith that you can get the job done. You may find yourself wanting to give into the will of others in order to avoid confrontation, however it's extremely important to establish your boundaries and stand firm on your values.

3rd card: The Tower

Expect the unexpected, prepare to be thrown for a loop. The world may seem like its crashing around you, but it is here to expose your unstable foundation. You must let something self-destruct in order for it to be rebuilt. SURRENDER. Don't push against the tides, everything is happening for you, not to you. Once all is said and done, if you stay consistent you will become stronger, this time is needed for your spiritual growth. A golden opportunity to break free from old habits/thoughts that have been holding you back from your desired outcome.

Clarifying card: X Pentacles

The operative words here: completion, accomplishment, wealth, and spoils. Perhaps the emergence of a long-term soul partnership. Staying consistent and committed to your goals and values will lead to financial abundance. You are the "breadwinner" in your family, feeling the need to take care of your loved ones and share your wealth. Family means a great deal to you, and honoring your ancestors will be the key to your ultimate success.

In essence, you are made of pure magick. The same chemical compounds that create stars also create you. All of the answers live inside of you, every challenge you have overcome adds to your strength and resilience. These key components will be tested during this time, make sure you are surrounding yourself with supportive people who have your best interest at heart. While your wold may seem like it's crumbling, take this as an opportunity to expand yourself, & bust through your limiting beliefs through the art of surrender. Stay true to your values, consistent in your goals, & honor your ancestors - great love and financial abundance await you on the other side.

All My Loving -


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