The Field Guide to Freedom: 7 Hermetic Principles Series

If you wish to master something, you must first overstand how it works. This philosophy rings true for any particular concept you can think of, including the Universe. To experience true freedom in this existence, it is paramount to first overstand how this existence, moreover the Universe which houses this existence, works! Enter the 7 Hermetic Principles of Nature.

What are Hermetic Principles?

These are the laws by which the Universe is governed. And it is these Principles that inspired the Universal Laws such as: the Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption or Law of Inspired Action. Similar to the Law of Relativity or the Law of Gravity the 7 Hermetic Principles regulate the happenings of the Universe, however they govern on a more mental/phyiscal/spiritual plane.

What are the Origins of the Hermetic Principles?

These Principles are derived from Hermeticism, a set of religious and philosophical beliefs dating back as far as 1st & 2nd Centuries AD. Based off of the teachings accredited to Hermes Trismegistus (hur·meez tri·smuh·ji·stuhs), the father of Hermeticism. He authored the Corpus Hermeticum as well as the Emerald Tablet, and is believed to be a syncretic amalgamation of the Egyptian God Thoth (God of wisdom) and the Hellenic God Hermes (the messenger of the Gods). These teachings are widely thought to have inspired many of the influential artists and philosophers during the Italian Renaissance up until today!

What are the Beliefs of Hermeticism?

The Corpus Hermeticum is a collection of dissertations of a theological, philosophical, religious, and theosophical nature.

The Emerald Tablet is the cryptic piece of Hermetica (philosophical texts attributed to Hermes Trismegistus) known to hold the secret of the prima materia - the origin of all consciousness.

Hermeticism is deeply rooted in Kemetic (what our schools taught us to call "Ancient Egyptian") knowledge, also known as the birthplace of alchemy, and the understanding of cosmic knowledge and magic. Alchemy, is defined as the ability to transform base metals into gold, and is a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation. Much of these teachings can be found in a condensed format in a book known as The Kybalion. The 7 Hermetic Principles of Nature form a summary of The Kybalion.

In Hermetic traditions, there exists 3 planes of existence: Mental, Physical, and Spiritual, and the philosophy postulates a deep connection between each plane, and how each one constantly influences the others. This idea resonates with the now well-known Law of Attraction, which tells us that our thoughts (the mental plane) can directly alter our physical world/plane. All planes of existence are closely connected to vibrational frequencies, whereas whatever frequencies are being emitted from your mental vibrations, your environment will shift it’s vibration to match it! Moreover, your mental plane is partially determined by your spiritual vibration delineating the cyclical nature of life, and thus all things.

Why is any of this important?

Understanding these natural principles can completely transform your existence. Learning how the Universe works we are able to shape and mold our experience in a more desirable and profound way. The 7 Hermetic Principles give us the keys to escape the collective spell we have been put under that tells us to work hard doing things we hate, to support a lifestyle that leaves us feeling empty until we die. This is not life, this is not what life is about, and if you want to learn how to escape this rat race, fully step into your power, and actualize freedom it’s high time you learn about the 7 Hermetic Principles of Nature.

Now that we have a basic overstanding of Hermeticism, we are ready to dive into the 1st Principle!

1. Principle of Mentalism

This Principle could be the most important concept to master in your lifetime(s). The Principle of Mentalism is rooted in the knowing that everything first exists in the mind. Moreover, that the Universe itself is a living mind, connected to all minds in existence. And with this every thought you think is directly interacting with the Universal Mind, a.k.a every mind in existence!

It is with this Principle that you will be able to grasp how it is possible to shape your reality through the power of your mind, and thinking right thought will influence right action.

An effective way to implement this Principle to your benefit is to set aside time during the day that you are consciously thinking about your desired reality. And if you are not currently living your desires, it is important to separate your current experience from your thoughts. Lack of evidence is not an evidence of lack! Spend some time reflecting on what it is that light’s your soul on fire, and this will help you to identify your life’s purpose. By doing this your thoughts will align with the Universal mind and initiate desired transformations on your physical plane.

I don't make up the rules, I just pass them along to you!

See you for Principle 2!

Blessed Be,

Karunā ♡

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