The Super Strawberry Full Moon in Capricious Capricorn Tarot Tea!

The Super Strawberry Moon will be sweeping us under its spell on June 24, 2021 at 2:40pm EST under the sign of Capricorn. There are a number of reasons to get excited for this particular Full Moon one of them being, this will be the last Supermoon of 2021, following the Super Pink Moon in Scorpio on April 26th, and the Super Flower Moon in Sagittarius on May 26th. Supermoons are important due to the energy they carry, as they appear bigger and brighter than their less "super" counterparts, they also carry an intense vibration with them. And as the Sun is in emotionally intuitive Cancer, don't be alarmed if your emotions seem heightened during this time! Always remember that emotions are just messages about what is happening in your internal world.

A Full Moon manifests when the Moon stands directly opposite the Sun, and by doing so presenting the balancing energies of the Divine Feminine (the Moon) and Divine Masculine (the Sun). The Dakota, Ojibwe, Lakota, and Algonquin tribes observed during this particular moon phase berries are ripest for the picking, hence why this phase is called the Strawberry Moon. Apologies to anyone who was expecting a pink-colored Moon!

What Does a Super Full Moon in Capricorn Mean?

As a person with heavy Capricorn in their chart, two of which being my Sun and Rising, I feel this sign is very misunderstood. In generalized astrology the Sea Goats are looked at as all work no play, ya know, the boring type. This couldn't be farther from the truth! As you see, we work hard so we can play hard, so buckle up for some money/business manifestations to come through intensely for you this week. And as the Full Moon is the perfect time to release and manifest, there is a portal available to you in which to throw your money/career manifestations into that are sure to return into your physical reality speedily and with great ease.

Capricorn is represented as The Devil card in the tarot, meaning the responsible enjoyment of your vices. It's ok to indulge every once in a while, if it keeps you sane and happy! With Capricorns ruling planet, strict and pragmatic Saturn, currently in retrograde in freedom-loving Aquarius, we are being called to look towards the future and set firm roots and boundaries within the parameters of the life we desire. Remember this is a wonderful time to manifest so really ask yourself what is it that you want out of life, and start creating a game plan on how to get there!

Now let's get into some Tarot Tea, and see what lies ahead for us energetically.

Tarot Time!

4 of Pentacles (reversed)

There is a need to reevaluate your relationship with money, or you have already begun to do so. Maybe you're taking a more minimalistic route, discarding material possessions in exchange for more space for love in your life. Or perhaps you are finding yourself on the other side of the coin, and are becoming too money-obsessed teetering on the fine line of greed. Putting money before your well-being or the well-being of others. Take a step back and ask yourself what is the cost vs. the benefit of living life this way? Possibly, you've been finding yourself spending more than you're investing, which is ok to do in moderation! Make sure you're not spending your rent money at Chipotle, and if you are reevaluate what worries are coming up for you that is putting you into this state of fear and illusion. Lastly, when the 4 of Pentacles comes up in a reading there is an energy of self-protection, no matter how chaotic the world on the outside may seem, take some time to make your home a safe haven so you can remain balanced and in your power.

6 of Wands (reversed)

You have been experiencing personal achievements, and are choosing to keep these successes to yourself. Maybe you feel insecure to share your triumphs with others because you have done so in the past to a lackluster audience. Instead of switching projects or dimming your light - switch the environment/people you associate with. As there are many people in this world you are vibrating at a high frequency, and realize celebrating your wins brings more abundance into their lives! It's important that you find your own definition of success as it differs for everyone. Maybe you've found yourself lost in the never-winning game of comparison to others. Stay away from that trap, there's room at the table for everyone, and everyone has their own karma to clear and purpose to actualize! Maybe you're emitting arrogant vibrations, and this is very much so the shadow side of the 6 of Wands. Clean up that ego before your blessings are taken from you.

King of Swords (upright)

The King of Swords is thee master of Intellect, moving from a place of authority and respect. He stands firm in his truth and is constantly aware of upholding the balance of intellect and emotion in order to make discerning right action. He enjoys getting to the truth of the matter regardless if it rubs others the wrong way, and this detachment from others insecurities is positive for him. The King of Swords could be you, or a professional advisor/consultant you should strongly consider hiring. Whether it be to get to the next phase of your business, or the next point in your ascension!

Enjoy these abundant vibes, and allow your blessings to flow.

Blessed Be,

Karunā ❤


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