Thriving & Surviving During Mars Retrograde in 5 Steps

So, Mars is in retrograde from September 9 - November 13, and you're like...omg...another retrograde, does the madness ever end? Or maybe you don't even know what retrograde means. For folks finding themselves on the latter side of the coin, here's a quickie explanation.

When a planet goes into retrograde, from Earth's perspective it looks like that planet is moving backwards, hence retro. However the orbit of the planet hasn't changed it just appears to do so because of the relative position of Earth and said planet, and how they are moving around the sun. This happens when a faster moving planet catches up to and passes a slower moving one. Thus, shifting the energies that the planet emits. Rendering retrogrades a complete mind f***!

Each planet has a distinct purpose in our milky way and emits a certain energy. Mercury is the planet of communication, so when mercury goes into retrograde all forms of communication seem to go wacky. Venus is the planet of love, so when she goes into retrograde relationships get wonky and old lovers are more likely to pop up, ( did this to my ex fella this past Venus retrograde in May/June...oops :)

As Mars is the planet of ambition, goals, and sex, prepare yourself for some interesting times in your business and your bedroom! Mars is an aggressive and action planet (see any Aries as this is their ruling planet!), so if you have any pent up aggression or rage towards a person/situation these toxins are threatening to bubble up to the surface.

Retro comes from the Latin word backward, so usually during retrogrades people, scenarios, feelings, thoughts from the past will come out of left field. And you just might be that left fielder! Like I was....a mere few months ago! And that's ok, you're just answering nature's call in the best way you know how (insert nervous laugh!)

But don't let these factors scare you, if I can teach you anything let it be this:

You Are The Creatrix Of Your Reality!

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, it's good to know what's out on the playing field so you know what moves to make. So if you're looking to not just survive this Mars retrograde, but THRIVE! Here are some tips you can use to stay ahead of the curve:

-Be mindful of your actions: for my people in partnerships, since Mars is the ruler of sex, your significant other may annoy you more than other seasons. They may seem to be chewing their gum more loudly than usual, or their obsession with Fortnite may be a little more unbearable than usual. Try not to be reactive, but proactive. Be mindful of what is bothering you and address it coming from a neutral place. It is in the place of neutrality where our power resides.

-Don't give up: things may feel stagnant and repressed at this time, and that's ok, the cosmos are willing it so. Keep your thoughts aligned with your goals, and remember this is just a phase!

-Be patient: your patience will be tested more than usual, point blank. Look at this as an exciting opportunity to practice patience, with yourself, with others around you, and with the Universe. It is in times of discomfort great transformation can take place. As long as you allow this transformation to shine through.

-Stay hydrated: this is just an overall life rule! I can always tell when I need to drink more water because I get irritable and my brain feels scattered. Make sure you're drinking at least 2.5 liters of water a day. If you can do a full gallon (3.5 liters) you'll be unstoppable!

-Be gentle on yourself: there is a lot happening in the world and the Milky Way. You are but a tiny, yet pivotal piece of the moving parts that create the Universe. And that's a big job! Be kind to yourself, make mistakes and learn from them. Be ok with not being ok. This too shall pass....and all that jazz!

-Remember to rest: stagnancy may leave you wanting to be hyper productive. But remember to rest your mind and your body. Retrogrades are vital times to retreat back into yourself and do some major check-ins with where you are in your life and where you want to be. Now is not the time to leap, now is this time to rest.

Now get out there, and take a nap ت

You got this!

-Karunā ❥

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