What Crystals To Use When Overcoming Addictions

Addiction is defined as a mental disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite any adverse consequences. On today's episode of the Sōl Concepts: in 5D podcast, we talk about this disease, my personal connection to it, and I offer advice to those who know of someone affected by addiction and those who are in the midst of it.

In this blog post I wanted to focus on what crystals to use when overcoming addictions, truthfully because I didn't want the podcast to be 2 hours long...I think one hour is enough :) and I feel very strongly about the topic.

In a spiritual sense, addiction is the symptom of a blocked 3rd eye chakra. This chakra center is the minds eye, associated with thinking and cognition. And for those who have question marks coming out of their ears as they read the word chakra:

Chakra comes from Sanskrit (an esoteric language originating from India), meaning wheel. Each chakra represents an energy center in the body, (I will do an entire post dedicated to the chakras!)

Since the 3rd eye/pineal gland is associated with thinking, and addiction is a mental-based disorder, it is clear to see how these two go hand-in-hand. The 3rd eye represents our intuition, our all-seeing wisdom; when this chakra is out of balance our perception of life is out of balance and can leave us feeling out of control. Perception comes out of balance mainly from trauma that has yet to be addressed & healed. And thus, the calcification of the 3rd eye happens and becomes blocked. Also, fluoride (which is found in our tap water and many toothpastes) directly calcifies our pineal gland, so many of us are already set up for failure.

Crystal work/magick, is the sacred act of using the energy of crystals to aid in our ultimate ascension. I have been working with various crystals for years, and have experienced profound breakthroughs by doing so.

The best way to work with crystals:

- Cleanse them (sage, wash in water ( (some crystals don't do well with water so do your research)), pray over them)

-Meditate with them. Hold the crystals in our hand as you sit in stillness, allow their magick to become interconnected with your aura. Feel their power, and listen to the messages that they are telling you.

-Sleep with them under your pillow. In this regard you are allowing the crystals access to your subconscious mind, which will lead to deeply ingrained belief systems to be affected, and ultimately change your life! I would suggest not putting too many crystals under your pillow, that could cause a restless sleep!

-Keep them on your altar/around your house/in your purse/in your car/in your underwear! Wherever, however you need healing, keep them around you.

-Wear them as jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, waist beads etc.) this will ensure the energy is on you at all times.

Here are a list of some crystals to work with when overcoming addictions:

-Amethyst - associated with the 3rd eye chakra, best for overcoming alcohol addiction

-Carnelian - associated with the root/sacral/solar plexus chakra, this is best for addictions to cannabis (yes- it's a thing you can be addicted to cannabis) as these chakras deal with vitality, creation, confidence and life. And sometimes when you smoke too much, you can find yourself with super low energy and a low libido (you know it's true!) Also, I believe that cannabis is medicine, it is not a drug, and we have been purposefully programmed to look at it in this manner. However, everything in moderation is key.

-Lepidolite - associated with the 3rd eye chakra, is best for overcoming heroin addictions. This stone promotes hope, tranquility, and the enhanced ability to accept one's self and one's circumstance.

-Selenite - associated with the crown & 3rd eye chakras, this stone is great to use for all addictions, and especially for cocaine. As selenite (which is the crystalized form of the mineral gypsum) promotes mental calmness, and honesty.

-Rose Quartz - associated with the heart chakra, is a stone that will be good for any and all addictions as the energy of this stone is self-love and compassion.

The more you work with your crystals, the more they will work for you!

Good luck to you in this noble journey! I am rooting for you!

-Karunā ❤

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