It's A Vibe

Here are a few items that have enriched my life! If you feel called to any particular item click it, and treat yourself. You deserve some ethereal vibes in your life ∞

The Tea Room

Dandelion for detox.

Blend for Morning Sickness

Ginger for digestion

Kava for Relaxation

Mushroom Elixir for adaptogens & aphrodisiac

Mushroom Elixir for Immunity

Mushroom Elixir for adaptogens & relaxation

Mushroom Elixir for adaptogens & brain support

Golden Crystals

Brain Food

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Moving Through Parallel Worlds - Kevin L. Michel

The Four Agreements -

Don Miguel Ruiz

The Power of the Subconscious Mind -

Joseph Murphy

The Master Key System -

Charles F Haanel

Golden Crystals


St. John's Wort Tincture for Mental Clarity & Mood Elevation

Detoxadine for Thyroid Support

B12 for Healthy Blood & Energy

Dr.Sebi's Sea Moss & Bladderwrack Gel Mix for Anti-Inflammation & Healthy Gut

Tongue Scraper for Optimal Oral Health

Golden Crystals


Himalayan Salt Lamp for Mood Enhancement and Purification

LED Light Bulbs for Vibes

LED Light Strips for Vibes

Oil Diffuser with Essential Oils for a Multitude of Benefits & Vibes

Meditation Kit for Vibes

Palo Santo & Sage Soy Candle for Energy Clearing and Balance

Golden Crystals

Musical Stylings

Casio Keyboard with Stand & Headphones 61 Keys

Golden Crystals


Shower Head & Filter for Optimal Bathing Experience

Water Filter for a Cleaner Water Experience

600 Thread Count Deep Red  Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set for Sensuality and Grounding

Karunā Sōl ™