Intuitive Wellness Coaching


Are you feeling anxious, stuck, exhausted, uncertain?...


Life is filled with uncertainties which can leave us feeling stuck, and confused on how to make the next move. Maybe you're feeling lonely/absent of love? Allowing your bank account to dictate your level of abundance? Going on social media to validate your beauty and popularity? Feeling afraid to speak up for what you want? Or perhaps you don't know what it is that you want?

I'd like to let you in on a little secret...when we look to outside sources to validate our existence, we are giving away our power, and so creating more experiences of lack, fear, and ultimate dissatisfaction.


True power, wealth, beauty, abundance, and unconditional love comes from within. All we have to do is look back on our lived experiences to see how empty and powerless we've felt when allowing external forces to dictate how we ultimately feel about ourselves. Undoubtedly, this emptiness will continue to grow.

As your Intuitive Wellness Coach I have made it my mission to help you get back to your truth, your intuitive self. Tapping into our intuitive nature will ultimately unlock true FREEDOM. Freedom from scarcity, freedom from lack, freedom from anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs telling you, that you aren't worthy.

This is what I need for you to understand...


-YOU ARE WORTHY of financial freedom

-YOU ARE WORTHY of a satisfying career

-YOU ARE WORTHY of creating the life that you desire...which is the life that you deserve.


Are you ready to design your dream life? 

After years of deeply exploring the human psyche and condition, through my own transformation in personal development, obtaining my B.A. in Psychology, becoming a certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach, privately coaching clients, and building a thriving community of empowered & enlightened beings; I have found that personal 1-on-1 coaching is highly effective in implementing desired life long change.

My coaching style is heavily based upon mindset, moreover the magic of neuroplasticity- the brains ability to change, modify, and adapt its function and appearance solely based on experience. Our brains are malleable, and once we are able to change our deeply embedded beliefs that hold us back, we will inadvertently change our behaviors/habits, and ultimately be that person who is living their dreams. 

Wellness is also a key component to the work we will do together. As an accredited coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I utilize diet, nutrition and lifestyle as a vital tool in the process of your total transformation.

Be. Do. Have.

If you are looking for happiness -

You must be the person who is happy, and do the actions this happy person would, in order to have that optimal happy reality.

Many of us have been operating from the opposite side of the coin. We feel we must first have the money, to be wealthy, and thus perpetuating the cycle of blocking our blessings.

Why Coach With Me?

I have dedicated my life to helping others find complete personal freedom.


The benefits of freedom:






-peace of mind 



It is my core belief that no matter the circumstance, you have the power to create your desired reality. As your Intuitive Wellness Coach I already see you as the person you are looking to become.  I will provide a safe space for us to discuss your desires, and devise actions steps to help you get there. Along the way giving a strong foundation of support while holding you accountable to your word and intention. 

What Does a Typical Coaching Session Look Like?

1 hour, once per week via Zoom, FaceTime, or Phone Call, where we are completely locked in and focused on your goals. We will work with any shadows/limiting beliefs that come to surface (when you dig deep into yourself, you may be surprised by what you find), accompanied with breath work, sound healing, and Tarot/Oracle card pulls for added guidance and spiritual facilitation. 

Also included in your coaching package:

- discounts to other offerings (courses, recordings, events, services etc..)

- gifts 

- nutritional consulting

-guided meditations

-pdfs, articles, conscious content

-astrological, numerological, and magical services upon request, or if I feel it is necessary 

If you are ready to bust through your self-doubt, and create the life that you desire and are more than deserving of..I am ready to teach you how.


10 weeks | 10 Sessions (minimum)  $2222 or 5 payments of $444.40

4 Months | 16 Sessions 

6 Months | 24 Sessions 

*I am available for coaching longer than 6 months, upon request.


Karunā Sōl ™

[the positive progression I've seen since beginning our work]